Gift Cards


You must enter a valid email address in the “To:” field. Choose to send the gift card to yourself or enter your recipient’s email to send it directly to your loved one. You can even decide when they will receive it, making this the perfect surprise. If you select a delivery date in the future, the gift card will be sent on that date at the same time as your order time. (Ex: If you place your order at 11:00 am, your gift card will be sent at 11:00 am.)

Our gift cards are directly linked to the recipient’s email address, ensuring a seamless delivery. For easy management, your recipient can sign up for an account on our website. This will allow them to keep track of their gift cards and balances, ensuring they never miss out on the opportunity to unleash their creativity. Please double-check all email addresses to ensure accurate delivery. All gift cards are non-refundable.

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Looking for a special and memorable gift idea? Surprise your loved one with an extraordinary experience by gifting them a rug tufting class. Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, a holiday, or simply because you want to express your care and affection, a rug tufting class is a perfect choice. These gift cards can be redeemed for any of our custom rug tufting classes, and can be used multiple times until the balance reaches zero. This allows your recipient to choose the most suitable date and time for their class, ensuring an enjoyable and convenient experience. By gifting a rug tufting class, you are giving your loved one the chance to explore their artistic side with a memorable experience and have a unique piece of art they can proudly display!


Please make sure you enter an email address in the “To:” field or the gift card will not be sent! Once you’ve completed your purchase, a unique gift card code will be emailed to the email recipient on your chosen date.